Your Doctor And Social Security Disability Claims: Get Answers To The Questions You May Have

12 September 2019
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If you are unable to work due to a disability, you may be filing a social security disability claim. Many people do not fully understand the role that their doctor plays in this type of claim and have many questions about this topic. Here are a few of the questions you may have about your doctor, social security disability claims, and the answers. 

Do You Have to Tell Your Primary Doctor You Are Filing a Social Security Disability Claim? 

You do not have to tell any doctor that you are seeing that you will be or have filed a social security disability claim. However, there are benefits to letting your doctors know that you will be or have filed a claim. When you file a claim, you need to have at least one medical source statement that substantiates your disability and your inability to work. If a doctor knows you are filing for social security, they can include pertinent information in their report that can help you with your case. 

What Information Should a Report Contain to Help Support Your Social Security Disability Claim? 

When a doctor knows that you will be filing for social security disability, they can complete a report that provides all of the information that social security is looking for. This information includes your diagnosis or disability, what day the disability started and how long it is expected to continue, what your symptoms are, and what symptoms or restrictions prevent you from working. Having all of this detailed information presented in one report can help you prove to social security that you have a disability and it is causing you to be unable to work. 

What Happens If You Have Multiple Doctors Treating You? 

If multiple doctors are treating you, you can have multiple doctors write reports that can help your case. In some cases, one doctor may be handling one part of your body, while another may be treating another. Each should detail what they are treating and how your condition affects your ability to work. Having multiple doctors who state you cannot work and show why can be beneficial to your social security disability claim. 

If you have filed a social security disability claim and it has been denied, you have a limited period of time to submit new documents and appeal the denial. A social security attorney can work with you to ensure you have the proper medical documentation and to ensure your appeal is filed in a timely manner. Contact a social security attorney today to get started.