Car Accidents In A No-Fault State: Can You Sue?

23 December 2020
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In some states, there are no-fault auto insurance laws. This means that no matter who causes a car accident, the car insurance company of the injured driver will pay personal injury protection benefits. These benefits include lost wages, medical costs, and any other out-of-pocket expenses. The goal of these laws is to make sure that the negligent driver is protected from a lawsuit. This causes confusion, because the party who was harmed may believe they have no further recourse for compensation. Read More 

Are You Planning A Divorce With Your Spouse? 4 Benefits Of Choosing Online Mediation

14 December 2020
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Going through divorce mediation has advantages over taking your case to court. On top of being able to streamline the time it takes to get a divorce, mediation gives you a better chance of keeping things civil. Now that you are ready to start picking out a mediator, consider these four benefits of choosing one that provides online meetings. Overcome Time or Distance Challenges Divorce adds many new things to your daily schedule. Read More 

Time To Take Over As Caregiver To Your Parents? 4 Steps To Help You Protect Yourself And Your Parents

5 November 2020
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If your parents are getting older, it might be time to start planning for their final years. If part of the plans involve you stepping in as a primary caregiver, you need to make sure that you and your parents are protected against legal issues. As a primary caregiver, you're at an increased risk for legal problems, especially where other family members are concerned. Luckily, there are steps you can take to protect yourself and your parents. Read More 

4 Ways You Should Prepare To Create A Will

12 October 2020
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When you prepare a will, you create a roadmap for the family you leave behind; a roadmap that can make your passing an easier process to deal with. As such a critical legal document, a will is only effective when it is complete and thoughtfully drafted. Although you are probably eager to jump right in and prepare your will, there are some critical steps you should complete beforehand. 1. Think About the Beneficiaries Read More 

Examples Of Family Law Cases For Which To Hire A Family Law Firm

15 September 2020
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Legal cases that revolve around family matters are nearly always contentious and complicated. Even if you and the others in the case get along fairly well, you may find your relationships challenged when you head to court. To ensure that you get the most copacetic and efficient resolution to your case, you need to hire one an experienced family lawyer from a family law firm to represent you. The following are some cases that are commonly heard in family law court and handled by family lawyers. Read More