Are You Planning A Divorce With Your Spouse? 4 Benefits Of Choosing Online Mediation

14 December 2020
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Going through divorce mediation has advantages over taking your case to court. On top of being able to streamline the time it takes to get a divorce, mediation gives you a better chance of keeping things civil. Now that you are ready to start picking out a mediator, consider these four benefits of choosing one that provides online meetings.

Overcome Time or Distance Challenges

Divorce adds many new things to your daily schedule. You might be working more hours to make up for a single income, or you might find that arranging for child care is hard when both parents need to attend an appointment together. You and your spouse might also be living in different locations. Online mediation frees up time since you won't have to go to and from the appointment. Instead, you can log in from any location you choose and be in your meeting within minutes.

Open Up More Options for Mediators

Depending upon where you live, you might have limited options for mediation. This is especially true if you have privacy concerns and don't want to have people seeing you go to a known mediation office in the area. Mediators that offer sessions online allow you to keep your divorce more private, and you can select one that you and your spouse feel comfortable with.

Manage the Cost of Your Divorce Better

A divorce is often expensive, and finding ways to cut down on the costs makes it easier for you to begin putting your new life together. While mediation isn't free, it is typically less expensive than having to hire two lawyers and pay expensive litigation fees. Online divorce mediation also helps you to eliminate the hidden costs of divorce. You'll miss less work time and pay less for gas and child care when you can just do your sessions online.

Feel Empowered to Speak Up 

Working together is easier with a mediator guiding communication, but the thought of sitting with your spouse in the same room might make you feel nervous. Being together in the same room can also lead to you two falling into past behavior patterns where one person assumes all of the control. Being able to do your session together but in separate locations helps you to overcome any tension issues that arise when you are in the same room. Feeling more relaxed means that both of you are more likely to listen to each bother and reach an acceptable agreement.