Examples Of Family Law Cases For Which To Hire A Family Law Firm

15 September 2020
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Legal cases that revolve around family matters are nearly always contentious and complicated. Even if you and the others in the case get along fairly well, you may find your relationships challenged when you head to court. To ensure that you get the most copacetic and efficient resolution to your case, you need to hire one an experienced family lawyer from a family law firm to represent you. The following are some cases that are commonly heard in family law court and handled by family lawyers.


Family lawyers routinely handle divorce cases, which are typically heard in family law court. Even a straightforward, uncontested divorce can require the intervention of an experienced attorney. You may need your lawyer to petition the court for the reinstatement of your last name, for example. You also may need your lawyer to ensure that all of the debts from the marriage are divided evenly.

Even if you do not anticipate any legal complications from your divorce, you can benefit from hiring a family law firm to represent you. Your lawyer knows what paperwork to file with the court. They can also argue for you in hearings and ensure that your legal and financial interests are protected during the process.

Child Custody

Cases involving child custody are also routinely heard in family law court. Family lawyers are instrumental in making sure that the best interests of minor children are protected and that both parents' cases are heard fairly. 

When you want to petition the court for child custody, you need a lawyer to represent you in your case. Your lawyer can provide proof to the court to show why you are the best parent to maintain custody of your children. You can petition for joint or shared custody with the other parent.


Adoptions go through the family law court before they are finalized. Family lawyers help families with legal matters like dissolving the parental rights of birth parents and finalizing the parental rights of the adoptive parents. Your family law firm can also help you get your adopted children's last names changed to yours. 

These cases are some that family lawyers routinely handle for clients. You can appear in family law court with representation that you need to make a solid case. You can also have your family law firm handle tasks like filing legal paperwork, subpoenaing evidence, and helping you with a last name change.