What To Do If You Are Accused Of A Crime

13 January 2020
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In the unlikely event that you find yourself faced with being accused of a crime in the future, it is important that you know the proper steps to take in the situation. Get to know some of the things you should and shouldn't do when you are accused of a crime. Then, you can be sure that you are doing what is in your best interest in the face of a difficult and frightening situation.

You Shouldn't Panic

The worst thing you can do when you are accused of a crime is panic. Panic, while understandable in the situation, can actually make you appear more guilty, like you are upset you have been caught. As such, do everything in your power to remain calm. Practice deep breathing techniques or merely try to focus your mind on the next steps you need to take to handle the problem. Staying calm will also prevent you from potentially making other mistakes.

You Shouldn't Start Off Talking

First and foremost, when the police come and arrest you or ask you to come down to the station for questions, you shouldn't start off being immediately talkative or forthcoming. Even if you speak up to deny the charges against you, anything you say could potentially be used against you later. 

So, if you misspeak or say something that is not fully factually true accidentally, you could get yourself into a heap of trouble later on. Exercise your right to remain silent. While this may be difficult, and your first instinct is to speak up to prove your innocence, it is better to keep quiet at first. 

You Should Ask for a Lawyer

What you should speak up about when you are first brought in by the police is getting a lawyer. If you already have a lawyer, you have the police phone them. If not, a lawyer can be appointed to you. Now bear in mind, an appointed lawyer may not be the best option for you in the long run, but they are better than no lawyer at all during initial questioning.

You can always choose to switch to another lawyer if these accusations and charges are pursued further in the future. Do not forego your right to a lawyer during this initial questioning. Again, you could accidentally say something that is incriminating without realizing it if you do not have legal representation to guide you.

Now that you know some of the most important steps to take if you are accused of a crime, you can be sure that if this ever happens to you, you are as prepared as possible.

Reach out to a criminal defense attorney to learn more.