What Are Some Of The Most Common Mistakes During Divorce?

29 June 2020
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Divorce can be a complex process. If you are about to go through with a divorce, you should know what is going to happen so you are not surprised at any point. You do not want to make any sort of mistakes that can have a negative impact on the outcome of your divorce. The following are some examples of mistakes that are possible during the divorce process.

Lack of Understanding

Although you will work with your attorney during your divorce, you need to familiarize yourself with what happens. Do your own research so you can ask your attorney any questions you need answers to. For example, you may have questions on how you will divide your assets. You may enter the process expecting to get more or less than what you get at the conclusion of the process. By understanding how divorce works in your state, you will be fully prepared on what to expect so you are not blindsided at any point.


As you work with your attorney during your divorce, you must be upfront and truthful. Your attorney is on your side, but they cannot properly do the job with dishonest or even omitted information on your part. The case should be presented fairly in court. Otherwise, you stand to have a negative outcome once the process is said and done. You do not want your attorney to be caught off guard in the middle of your divorce. Some attorneys even drop clients who are not truthful and forthcoming with important details.

Lack of Prioritization

As you move through the process of divorce, you need to prioritize what is most important to you at the end of the day. What you do not want to do is waste time on trivial items simply to spite your spouse. This is not good for you and is not a good use of your attorney's time. Instead, take this important time to focus on what matters most.

For example, do not fight over your spouse's new boat or expensive jewelry when you should be more focused on the custody of your children. While there is time for some of those details later, you need to make sure the most important items are taken care of first.

Some of the more important items to deal with include custody, child support, division of the family home, high net-worth assets, and the like. Some of the other issues you have to work out can be done later, but only after these important matters have been settled.

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