Tips For Receiving The Custody Arrangement That You Want

13 January 2021
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Are you getting ready to file for divorce, but worried that you won't get the custody arrangement that you are looking for to see your kids? If so, it helps to follow these tips to get the results that you want in court.

Know That Judges Tend To Think Traditionally

If you are going to request split custody of your children where it is 50/50, it can be difficult to get this arrangement approved if you are the father in the divorce. That is because there is a bias towards women having the children for most of the time in a custody arrangement. If you have a judge that thinks a bit more traditionally when it comes to gender roles in a marriage, you may have trouble convincing them that you are a good fit for a 50/50 custody arrangement.

Demonstrate That You Can Handle The Time You Are Requesting

Realize that a divorce is going to take many months until it is finalized, and you do not need to wait for the final custody arrangement to be decided to take action. Know that a divorce will certainly be in your future, you need to start right away by demonstrating that you are capable of handling the custody arrangement that you are requesting.

For example, if you want a split custody arrangement you will need to certainly step up with what you do to show that you are capable of doing it on your own. This can include requesting time off work to pick your kids up from school on certain days, being available to your kids during the times that you want to see them, and even providing for them by cooking meals and keeping with homework.

If you did not do these things before the divorce because your spouse handled them, that's perfectly okay. By demonstrating that you're capable of handling these responsibilities before a judge makes a decision on custody, they'll be more likely to rule in your favor because you've proven already that you can do it. 

Be Aggressive With Your Want

One thing to keep in mind is that your spouse may be resistant to you taking on a more prominent role during a divorce proceeding. It's important that you be assertive and do not take no for an answer. Your spouse may be doing this intentionally so that you cannot demonstrate what you are capable of with a custody arrangement or be angry that you are taking on more responsibility now that a divorce is happening. Make sure that you get the time with your kids that you need to get the result you want in court.

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