How Can You Divorce A High-Conflict Spouse?

3 February 2021
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When you are dealing with a high-conflict spouse, you may wonder how you can move forward with a divorce. Divorce is a difficult thing to get through already, and an attorney understands that the process of getting out of a high-conflict marriage is even harder.

Divorce is tricky for most people, but it may be especially difficult for you if you are trying to deal with somebody who is prone to conflict. These are some things you need to know about the process.

What Is a High-Conflict Spouse?

A high-conflict spouse is somebody you feel is fighting you every step of the way. This person may use any and all information against you, for example. They might argue, for example, that because you were once in a treatment facility for alcohol addiction, you are not eligible to have custody of your children because of alcohol addiction. In such a situation, you may be looking to defend yourself.

You Need to Be Honest With Your Legal Team

The first thing you need to do when you know that your spouse likes conflict is to tell your legal team everything. You do not want your team of lawyers to be surprised by the information they discover or anything that might come out in court. Lay everything on the table right away.

Don't Try to Spring a Surprise in Court

You might decide that you want to fight back by spring a surprise on them in court, but this is not a great idea. Avoid adding conflict of your own so that you can make show you are a stable force just trying to get through the legal process.

Bring Evidence to Support Every Claim

Evidence is necessary to support any claim you make. Somebody who has a high-conflict spouse can expect that they will fight any claim you make, and you need to be able to prove yourself in court if your case is challenged.

Prioritize Issues

Finally, make sure you know what is important to you. Prioritize the issues you have and make sure that you address the most important ones first. Otherwise, you may not get to them because you feel like you have to fight all these other allegations and arguments

Divorce Attorneys Can Help

A divorce attorney can help you determine what you need to do next. People who invite conflict can make divorce difficult, but it is not impossible. A divorce attorney can help you protect yourself and your family during a high-conflict divorce.