Retaining An Adult Guardianship Attorney To Stipulate Custodial Plans

17 February 2021
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As the parent of a mentally disabled adult, you may have devoted your entire life to his or her care. As you near your senior citizen years, your attention may turn to what will happen to your child after you are no longer here.

You may not want to risk your son or daughter being placed in a state-run facility and not given the care to which he or she is accustomed. You can lay out plans for his or her care by hiring an adult guardianship attorney to represent both you and your son or daughter.

Stipulating Guardianship

The adult guardianship attorney that you hire can put your wishes for your son or daughter's custody in writing. Without these plans put in writing, you could leave open the possibility of the state taking custody of your child. Even if you have other children or relatives who are willing to assume guardianship, you still may put your son or daughter at risk of the state denying these people and placing your child in an institution.

Your adult guardianship attorney can stipulate your plans in writing and make sure that they are carried out after you pass away. Custody of your child will pass to whatever relative or friend you choose to take your place and provide the care that your son or daughter needs.

Leaving Funds for Care

You also may have carefully put away money to ensure that your child is well taken care of after you are gone. You may have invested money in the stock market as part of your child's inheritance. You also may have a sizeable savings account ready to pay for his or her care when you are no longer here.

Your adult guardianship attorney can stipulate what purposes that money is to be used for. He or she can make sure that this portion of your estate goes to your disabled son or daughter and is not exploited by anyone in your circle of friends or family.

The money can be used to keep your child in a relative's care and ease the new caretaker's financial burden. You may also intend it to be used to pay for your child's housing in a private care facility.

An adult guardianship attorney can provide critical services for you and your disabled son or daughter. He or she can stipulate custody plans and disbursement of funds in writing.