Can You Prevent Your Child From Moving Away?

8 July 2021
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For many parents, learning that the custodial parent wants to move their child away is one of the most difficult things imaginable. If you have recently discovered that somebody is trying to move your child several hours away, potentially out of your state, you want to know your options.

These are some ways you may be able to prevent your child from getting moved far away.

Demonstrate a Strong Relationship

One way to ensure that you prevent your child from moving far away is to argue that your child is used to seeing you. Bring evidence of your visits with your child to the judge to show that you have a strong relationship. Show that you have a routine and that the routine benefits your child. The court does not like to step in and harm relationships.

Bring Evidence Your Child May Not Prosper Elsewhere

If you can prove that the new environment will not be as beneficial to the child as the one they are in now, you may have a strong case. For instance, your child may not have access to the same classes that will allow them to get into college, or maybe your child will suffer from not having access to their current physical therapist.

Provide Evidence the Other Parent Will Not Be Transparent

It is also important to show that the other parent involved may not provide you with all the information you need if your child does not live near you. For example, you may show that your ex withheld medical records in the past.

Show You Are an Active Parent

Active parents deserve to continue being active parents. If you take an active role in your child's life, show the courts that this is true. Bring evidence that you coach the sports team or that you take your child to school every morning. Any bit of evidence helps.

Meet With a Custody Support Attorney

Custody is critical for parents who want to be parents. An attorney recognizes this and fights to bring forth all the evidence that you are an active parent who needs to have access to a child. You may be able to prevent a move that would stop you from developing a strong relationship with your child.

If you are trying to fight a move, you have options to preserve the relationship you have with your child. Call a local custody support attorney today to discuss your options.