3 Things You Should Do For A Successful Negotiation During Uncontested Divorce

1 July 2022
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You certainly didn't get into marriage expecting to divorce. Sadly, divorce could sometimes be the only option when your marriage doesn't work anymore. Divorce, including uncontested divorce, can be emotionally draining and painful. Nevertheless, getting a fair settlement can enhance faster emotional healing. It could also help you start a new life with ease. In many instances, an uncontested divorce lawyer will first advise you to negotiate the divorce settlement with your ex-spouse before proceeding to court. This is because the court process can be lengthy, complicated, and costly. Reaching an amicable agreement with your ex-spouse will ease the process in a big way. If you have settled for an uncontested divorce, see what you should do to negotiate properly. 

List All Your Possession and Liabilities

Even the uncontested divorce can be quite emotional. As a result, you may just concentrate only on the marital properties you want to keep. For instance, you might want to take the cars and the family house. However, you may forget to account for the liabilities you jointly own. If you take a house with an unpaid mortgage, you should evaluate if you can service the mortgage without the ex-spouse's input. Also, if you have a lot of debts as a couple, it's paramount to consider how you will pay them so that you can have a debt-free start. 

Have Clear Goals 

Your goals during uncontested divorce negotiations can affect how you articulate your arguments. If you allow emotions and vengeance to influence your actions, you may be engaged in petty things, such as trying to stop your ex-spouse from getting their rightful share. If you do so, you may complicate your case, thinking you are making the process harder for your spouse. It's, therefore, important to have long-term goals and focus on how better your future will be. But since it's not always easy to do it, talk to an uncontested divorce lawyer to help you do it and negotiate based on the goals you want to achieve.

Hire a Seasoned Uncontested Divorce Lawyer

The uncontested divorce has legal requirements it must meet. In fact, even the negotiation process should take place within the legal framework. So you need to understand what the law says about uncontested divorce to know how you will handle the negotiation process. However, you can make the process much easier by hiring an uncontested divorce lawyer to handle it. The lawyer will also help you avoid mistakes that could hurt your settlement. For instance, they help you avoid being irrational or emotional during negotiation. They can also effectively communicate your needs, increasing your chances of getting a fair settlement. 

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