The Process Of Changing Property Ownership Status With The Help Of A Legal Advisor

16 September 2022
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Some people illegally get names off deeds through forgery or other unlawful strategies. Taking part in such an act can get you into trouble, especially if the aggrieved parties take legal action. The right way to remove someone from a deed is by taking the right legal steps, and an attorney can help. The expert can handle the process for you to ensure that your document is properly executed, acknowledged, and recorded. Below are instances when you can change property ownership status and the legal steps you should follow.

Instances When You Can Change Property Ownership

There are several instances when you can get someone off a title. These include after death, divorce, or changes to personal circumstances. However, even in these circumstances, you must do so considering your state laws. So, you should consult a lawyer before starting the process. This is because they will get the necessary court order to facilitate the process. They will also guide you through the process to ensure that you lawfully remove the names from the document. 

Your lawyer will also guide you when transferring an estate to the living owners after the previous owner dies. Legal services may also be necessary when transferring property to a co-owner of a property or when inheriting property through a deceased estate plan. Your lawyer will ensure that you take the right steps to avoid legal issues down the road.

Steps to Take When Changing Property Ownership

You want to start by notifying the co-owners of your intention to remove them from the title and why you made that decision. Then, you need to decide who to transfer interests to and ask your lawyer for guidance when creating a new legal structure. Your lawyer will also determine the type of deed to use, depending on your situation. Further, they will ensure that the information in the agreement is correct. The deed form should also contain acknowledgment signatures of all parties involved. Your legal advisor will then file the deed with the relevant offices to make it valid. Please also note that getting a certified copy of the deed is advisable. This is because it can be useful when co-owners raise questions or disputes about the title.

Removing names incorretly from a deed can cause you to face severe consequences. However, working with an estate planning service can help you avoid such issues. They will advise you on legal steps when changing names from a title. This will enable you to successfully process and avoid legal battles with other co-owners.